Best hopes

On this page I want to share my best hopes about That Reminds Me of A Story.


  • Have at least one TRMOAS conversation in every continent by the end of 2015
  • Have at least one TRMOAS conversation in 25 countries by mid 2016
  • Organize a global TRMOAS happening in 2016 with participants from all five continents
  • Organize a global event in 2017 where on one day there is at least one TRMOAS conversation taking place in every country of the world
  • Have a series of online TRMOAS conversations happening by the end of 2016.
  • Have a UN-supported TRMOAS conversation.
  • Have a TRMOAS conversation with different religious leaders in one room.


  • Have schools implement TRMOAS-conversations as a part of their weekly schedule.
  • Have higher education institutes organize and TRMOAS-conversations between professors, researchers, inspirational guests, students, … as a way to help spreading knowledge and ideas.
  • Have someone do research on the effects of TRMOAS-conversations related to Gregory Bateson’s ideas on the importance of stories.


  • Get invited to sit down with Krista Tippett of On Being and host a TRMOAS-conversation with some of her guests.
  • Get support from On Being.
  • Get support from The International Bateson Institute and host TRMOAS-conversations at at least one of their events.
  • Get media coverage in each continent by the end of 2016.
  • Get support from Google, Skype, Apple, and other providers of online storysharing-platformproviders.
  • Maybe get EU as well as UN support for the global event we would like to see happening in 201X.


  • Design + upload a postcard containing the rules
  • Translatie these postcards in all possible languages
  • Make all these postcards available online
  • Have people pimp and spread these postcards


  • Write and publish a first version of a TRMOAS white-paper by the end of 2015.


    • Include a feature where people can register events
    • We like to display events on a list as well as on a map
    • A simple way to keep track of mentions on social media


  • Find TRMOAS champions in every continent by the end of 2016
  • Find TRMOAS champions in 50% of all countries by the end of 2017
  • Set up a proper NGO / or other organization to support this project


  • Being able to spend a great deal of my time travelling the world to host and witness TRMOAS-conversations with people.

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