Getting started

In this conversation there is only one rule. Whatever you say, always begin with :

‘And that reminds me of the following story…’

Additional tips and tricks:

  • Make it clear that it is important that they use the whole phrase.
  • No asking each other questions and no discussions. Just stories.
  • Whatever comes up is the right story. Freedom is key. So forget ‘having a theme’. Instead, have a starting point or story and see where it takes you.
  • Whoever feels like telling a story is the right person to tell a story. Again, freedom is key.
  • How one story relates to another story is not important. So no need to explain why one story inspires another story. Just tell your story.
  • It’s often helpful to explain that sometimes there will be silence. Which is a good sign because it indicates that people are busy gathering stories. If people have the courage to wait, they will see something wonderful happen.
  • To get started tell a story yourself. Or invite people to think about a time when someone listened to them in a really helpful way. Or let them think about a time when something happened that changed their life.
  • Experiment and enjoy!

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Hannes Couvreur – founder & curator That Reminds Me of A Story

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